Challenge: Innovative badminton net stand
Challenge description:
A mobile and compact badminton net stand (mobile and easily adjustable poles) are required. The stands or poles currently available on the market, each weighing 75 kg, therefore they are difficult to move and move, as well as very expensive.

In real life, various non-standard solutions are used - wall fastenings or fastening to other, massive structures. Such solutions are not suitable if the badminton net stand has to be temporarily installed in the middle of the gym or in another place where there is no heavy construction or the possibility to attach the net to the wall.

A possible solution could be mobile and easy-to-operate poles, where standard weights are used to fasten and tension the net (usually there is a weighing room with 20 kg discs or large weight balls in each place).

Challenge category: Sports infrastructure and equipment
Sport: Badminton
Challenge author: Latvian Badminton Federation
Challenge code: izsph20en11
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