Challenge: Sports Volunteer Platform
Challenge description:
A solution is being sought for sports event organizers to attract, evaluate, and motivate volunteers involved in an event.

Ideally, volunteers could create their profiles on the platform, where under each, they could see what events they have participated in, what marks have received, what recommendations and observations they have provided.

Each organization could define what a volunteer would have to achieve to receive a bonus or gift. The maximum number of points to be obtained would be defined for each measure.

Application of the solution - opportunity to register, select events, evaluate the quality of the game, earn points and communicate with other volunteers about the experience, integrate partners to motivate volunteers, as well as other motivating elements that would maximally motivate volunteers to get involved.
The platform would be for sports organizations that need volunteers. Secondary: Volunteer movements, students, young people looking for experience, and want to help and be present.

Challenge category: Sport and innovation
Sport: football, interdisciplinary application
Author of the challenge: Latvian Football Federation
Challenge code: izsph20en3
Questions and answers: Register as participant or mentor and check #challenges-list channel in Slack
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