Challenge: A platform for football amateur athletes
Challenge description:
There are many amateurs in Riga and elsewhere who use school halls, mini-pitches, and other sports facilities daily to play for fun in both football and other sports. But sometimes it is difficult for a person who wants to play games to find a company and infrastructure corresponding to his level (including geographically). It is also tricky to assemble commands.

The challenge would be to create a solution so that sports infrastructure managers can offer their facilities and potential participants can apply for activities. Also, it could be possible to pay for the infrastructure, publish player ratings, and communicate with each other.

Aim - to encourage people to engage in sports activities by facilitating the process of finding / communicating competition or training venues, team members, and/or opponents.

The possible business model could be a commission for payment of sports facilities, participants' contributions for training, and the attraction of partners.

Challenge category: Sport and innovation
Sport: football, interdisciplinary application
Author of the challenge: Latvian Football Federation
Challenge code: izsph20en4
Questions and answers: Register as participant or mentor and check #challenges-list channel in Slack
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