Let's hack the future of the media!
Why MediaHack Hackathon?
Media play a very significant role in keeping everyone updated about the various events around the world. But at the same time, we are faced with the dominance of social media giants, fake news and new media formats; that is why we need brave and innovative solutions to keep media reliable, engaging and accessible to everyone.

Who creates media content? How is content distributed to audiences? How do we interact with media content? These are some of the challenging questions we will try to solve during the MediaHack Hackathon.

Within 48 hours MediaHack participants will create interdisciplinary teams to generate new, innovative ideas, build a prototype and evaluate the potential of the solutions business model.

Let's hack the future of the media!
Media Hack 2021 Side events
How Can You Benefit From Hackathons?
FB Live 27/09 18:00 EEST
At a hackathon, you can build an app, a robot or test a new business model. The sky's the limit. You don't have to be a "hacker" to participate in a hackathon. But how to win a hackathon? Join this online event and we will share our experience. Besides that, we will inform you about the upcoming hackathons in Latvia.
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At this hackathon on the future of media together will work ...
Challenges of the Hackathon
Content Creation
Who creates the media content? Companies, individuals, community? These days everyone could be a content creator! Let's discover new approaches, new methods and tools to create content!
Content Distribution
How is content distributed to audiences? Social media platforms play a significant role in content distribution and discovery, and we see that there are various challenges whit it. What kind of channels do people use to access information? Offline, online, VR, AR, XR? If you have new ideas on how to distribute content, join this hackathon!
Content Interactivity
How do we interact with media content? We believe there could be more innovative ways how to increase engagement with content and measure it. Like, share, comment? What else?
Future of the Media
Do you have in your mind something new, that never were, and ask why not? The sky is the limit?! Well... think even beyond the sky! Join us!
What You can do at this hackathon?
Meet new people, learn and share your knowledge. Create your dream team or join one!
Brainstorm, create, test! You will have two days and two nights to work on your idea and present it to jury.
Think outside the box, think in the box or invent new one! We believe you have brilliant ideas how to change this world!
Besides new friends and positive emotions, every team will have a chance to win fantastic prizes from our partners.
The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project no. Nr. «University of Latvia innovation grants for students».
Prize Pool
3000 EUR
the cash prize fund, to develop your idea further and change the world!
Meet Jury Members!
  • Tālis Juhna
    Vice-Rector for Science of Riga
    Technical University
  • Signe Bāliņa
    Director of the LU Innovation Center of the University of Latvia.
  • Konstantīns Kuzikovs
    CEO at A/s Delfi
  • Indra Sāmīte
    Member of the Board at Language Technology Company "Tilde"
  • Arturs Bernovskis
    Angel Investor (LatBAN), Founder of Efectio
MediaHack 2021 Online Hackathon
Time zone: EEST (UTC+03:00)
04/10 | Online 18:00
04/10 | Online 18:00
Workshop - How to prepare for a hackathon?!
18:00 Practical info for Participants
18:30 Matchmaking and team formation
19:00 Q&A
06/10 | Online 18:00
06/10 | Online 18:00
Workshop - How to win a hackathon?!
18:00 Hackathon 2.0 flow and Idea validation
18:30 Desing thinking and prototyping
19:00 Q&A
08/10 | Online 18:00 - 23:59
08/10 | Online 18:00 - 23:59
Friday - Define challenge and set goals
18:00 Hackathon official opening event
21:00 1st check-point
09/10 | Online 00:00 - 23:59
09/10 | Online 00:00 - 23:59
Saturday - Validate idea and build a prototype
9:00 2nd check-point
17:00 Masterclass - How to prepare a great video pitch!
18:00 3rd check-point
10/10 | Online 00:00 - 19:00
10/10 | Online 00:00 - 19:00
Sunday - Tell your story to the world
9:00 4th check-point
15:00 Final pitch submission
18:00 Award ceremony
Join MediaHack 2021!
Let's build innovative solutions to keep media reliable, engaging and accessible to everyone.
Become a Participant!
We are inviting all the innovators, developers, engineers, designers, project managers & everyone to participate and show us how you would solve various media challenges.
Become a Mentor!
We're looking for mentors to help teams deliver better results! If you're an expert in any field and you are willing to share your know-how with our teams, sign-up as a mentor.
Let us know if your company is interested to help this event happen and in receiving more information about partnership/sponsorship opportunities and options.
You will get support and advice from business, tech, creative and media experts to deliver better results!
  • Marta Matisone (LV)
    Startup consultant
    Skills: Business
  • Ilze Tenase (LV)
    Startup consultant
    Skills: Business
  • Asta Vasiliauskaite (LT)
    Startup consultant
    Skills: Creative, Business
  • Artis Cicens (LV)
    Service design. Business development & innovation programs
    Skills: Business
  • Kārlis Skuja (LV)
    Skills: Business, Tech
  • Viktorija Bergmane (LV)
    BTA Insurance Company SE
    Skills: Business; Design
  • Lina Marta Sarma (LV)
    Riga Tech Girls
    Skills: Creative, Business
  • André Nitzschmann (DE)
    K-i-E DecisionMaking & TimeBox make my Agile Transformation
    Skills: Business
  • Simone Dogu (DE)
    Digital Nerd I Project Manager & Lecturer with passion of (tech) innovation, digital media and sports
    Skills: Business
  • Pedro Cerdeira (PT)
    Skills: Business
  • Damian Hajduk (POL)
    Independent consultant
    Skills: Business; Field expert
  • Anne Seubert (DE)
    Common Purpose
    Skills: Business; Creative
  • Dr Sangeeta Sahi (UK)
    Humanitarian-Focused Dr. and Keynote Speaker with over 23 Years of Success in Health, Medicine and Wellbeing
    Skills: Business; Creative; Field expert
  • Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski (POL)
    President Of The Board Of Directors at International Sustainable Education Foundation
    Skills: Creative; Field expert
  • Alberto Ciarniello (ITA)
    Senior Executive | Innovation Manager | Chief Product Officer
    Skills: Business; Tech; Field expert
  • Lisa Mallner (DK)
    AI Investment Manager
    Skills: Business; Field expert
  • Faton Nuha (XK)
    Software Engineer at Kosovo Pension Savings Trust
    Skills: Business; Tech
  • Athanasios Dimou (GR)
    President at Society of geoinformatics and surveyor Mentor @MIT Covid, Mentor @Nasa spaceapps
    Skills: Tech; Field expert
  • Noemi Taccarelli (IT)
    CEO di _blank Growth Agency
    Skills: Business
  • Dimitrios Masialas (GR)
    Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving Consultant I help companies to improve a value proposition, build brands, engage audiences & drive revenue online
    Skills: Business
  • Annesha Kar Gupta (IN)
    UN Delegate at Online Model United Nations
    Skills: Business; Tech; Creative; Field expert
  • Andreea Popescu (RO)
    Design Team Lead • Product Owner • UX Mentor
    Skills: Creative
  • Biruta Danilevica (LV)
    Digital Marketing & AI-driven language technologies
    Skills: Business; Creative
  • Aleksas Drozdovskis (NL)
    Strategy & Innovation Leadership | ex @Wargaming @Omnicom | THNK Alumnus
    Skills: Business; Creative
  • Aiva Eiduka (NL)
    Freelance Public Relations Consultant
    Skills: Business
  • Anna Platpire (LV)
    Commissioning Editor at Latvian Television
    Skills: Field expert
  • Xristos Genitseftsis (GR)
    Manager at Spirito
    Skills: Business; Field expert
  • Laima Zemele (LV)
    Managing Director at Golin Riga | Business Coach | Sustainability Expert
    Skills: Business
  • Elise Bikova (LV)
    Head Of Marketing at DELFI Latvia
    Skills: Business
  • Wilhelm Lappe (DE)
    Founder of Emprelab & theBizTour, mentor for startups and digital transformation. Professor and speaker. Berlin-Madrid.
    Skills: Business
  • Martins Suna (LV)
    AI Business Developer at Tilde
    Skills: Business
  • Sandra Golbreich (LT)
    New Nordic ecosystem builder, accelerator co-founder, educator, #womenintech advocate.
    Skills: Business
  • Linda Dombrovska (LV)
    Executive Director at Outdoorexperts.lv
    Skills: Creative
  • Natalia Deligiorgi (GR)
    Personal & Team Coach
    Skills: Business; Creative
  • Petri Kajander (EE)
    Business artist - delivering an inspiring and humane future with growth companies
    Skills: Business
  • Julija Jegorova (UK)
    Founder @ Black Unicorn PR | Global PR & Comms for tech startups | 10 + years in international Public Relations | Speaker and mentor | CIPR UK Member
    Skills: Business; Creative
  • Eelke Bakker (NL)
    PdEng Trainee in Data Science at Eindhoven University of Technology
    Skills: Tech; Field expert
  • Vattan PS (EE)
    Start-up influencer that helps founders change lives
    Skills: Business; Creative; Field expert
  • Ieva Rasimaite (LT)
    DPO at Simplex
    Skills: Business; Tech; Creative; Field expert
  • Suha M. Ayyash (JO)
    Social Marketer (behavioral change). Social Norms. Design Thinking. Change Management
    Skills: Business; Creative; Field expert
  • Angeliki Kouka (GR)
    PDEng trainee in Data Science at Jheronimus Academy of Data Science
    Skills: Tech; Creative
  • Dharmawan Santosa (ID)
    Strategic Operations at Garena | YLI Wave 11 by McKinsey & Co. | Revenue, Product, Business Dev., Strategy, Digital Transformation
    Skills: Business
  • Chandrashekhar Mudaliar (SE)
    Innovation and Digitalisation
    Skills: Business; Creative
  • Amal El Alami (CH)
    Innovation enabler | Digital Transformation | Design Thinker | Brand Consultant | Community Builder | FinTech
    Skills: Business; Tech; Creative
  • Alex Felman (LV)
    Executive Officer at StartUp42 Media
    Skills: Business; Field expert
  • Noam Sahar Mamane (IL)
    Designer - UX UI, Brand & Product
    Skills: Creative
  • Mariya Pavlova (BG)
    Sales, marketing and PR specialist
    Skills: Business
  • Ahmad Farhad Sarwary (AF)
    Social Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Global Volunteer, SDGs Consultant, UNV, Author
    Skills: Business; Creative; Field expert
The best team making it all happen
This hackathon is organised by WindHackers. We work hard to provide the best hackathon experience and make You happy! :)
  • Kārlis Skuja
    Vision and Energy, WindHackers
  • Asta Vasiliauskaite
    PR & Digital Marketing Communication, WindHackers
  • Artis Cicens
    Content and Partners, WindHackers
  • Olga Averčenko
    Communication and Design, WindHackers
  • Didzis Andersons
    IT Technologies, WindHackers
  • Anastasija Tkačenko
    Clients, WindHackers
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Robert
    What is a hackathon?
    A sprint-like event where participants team up and create solutions to real-life challenges in an intense period of time. Using creativity, technology and mentoring, the weekend results in prototypes, fresh new concepts and innovative usages of tech.
  • Pēteris
    What is an online/virtual hackathon?
    In an online or virtual hackathon, all participants are remotely connected. Irrespective of their location, hackathon enthusiasts can participate and demonstrate their skills on an online hackathon platform using various tools.
  • Anna
    Who can participate?
    We welcome people of all job descriptions, whether you're a designer, developer, marketer, entrepreneur or project manager. Diverse groups often work incredibly well together to produce the best results.
  • Miko:
    Do I need to be able to code?
    You can participate with any level of IT skills, even if you haven't written a single line of code. Understanding the basics of IT is a plus.
  • Heiki:
    During this hackathon can I work only on new ideas or on an existing product or solution?
    It will be allowed to develop both new ideas and improve existing products and solutions. In the case of existing solutions, especially will be evaluated the work done during the hackathon. This hackathon is not intended to promote commercially available products.
  • Liene:
    How big should be the team?
    We find that a team of three to five works best. It's large enough to have diverse skills, yet small enough to get to know your team members well in a short space of time.
  • John
    What if I sign-up alone or don't have a team?
    Don't worry if you don't know anyone attending. Teams will be formed before hackathon and during hackathon. There will be enough time to mingle and get to know other attendees and ideas.
  • Olga:
    In what language will the event take place?
    The main communication during the hackathon will be in English. With the organisers, it is possible to communicate in Latvian and English. Final presentations should be prepared in English.
  • Zanda
    Is participation free of charge?
    Yes participation is free of charge.
  • Alex
    What are the conditions for a team to qualify for a cash prize?
    To be eligible for the cash prize, the team must have at least one student from Latvia.
  • Adam
    What a number 42 means?
    In Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy a super-intelligent race of beings builds a computer, called Deep Thought, to get an answer to the universe's ultimate question: "What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?", and in response to this question Deep Thought gives a very simple and supposedly off the wall answer: "42". In essence, Deep Thought is saying that the meaning of life is whatever you want it to be.
    PS. The ASCII code 42 is for the asterisk (*) symbol, being a wildcard for everything.
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