Idea name:
Athletes, especially children and young people, in the current situation where all competitions and championships are cancelled, start losing motivation to practice sports. In the past, when a goal was set, such as winning a race or beating a particular result, it was easier for athletes to motivate themselves to train and develop.

My idea is to create a solution, e.g., a website, where athletes would be able to compete with each other remotely by setting different records. For example, a 12-year-old boy sets a record by pulling on to a bar 30 times. Anyone interested has the opportunity to beat the existing records (both in their age group and in competition with athletes of all ages), as well as to apply for a new record by sending a record application, which is evaluated before approval. To promote the project, well-known athletes will be invited to set their own record and invite others to beat it or set their own record in their age group (for example, a football player juggles the ball 50 times in one minute). Anyone who has set or broken a record is given the opportunity to order a special medal or diploma/certificate for a fee. It is also possible to make a profit from advertising revenue.

The solution will also be interesting for people after the emergency situation ends and the competitions are resumed. Also, if there are an opportunity and a desire, you can later think about adding other industries, creating something similar to the Guinness World Records only in the Latvian version.

Challenge category: Let's overcome the crisis together!
Type of sports: interdisciplinary application
Type of an idea: NEW idea
Team status: Looking for teammates
Teammate skills needed: Business; Design; Tech
Idea author: Jānis
Idea code: idsph20lv1
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