Idea name: Fans
In current situation and in some other cases there might be sport games or other events without fans. During such sport games and events, there is lack of songs, and sound actions made by fans in stadiums. Even fans are at home near TV screens screaming in support of their preferred team, athletes do not hear or see.

"sport game conference call" - there should be used proper sound equipment at the place of the sport game or other event, so the athletes can hear their fans. Fans should be able to connect to the event by using their phones and application, that will transmit sound and video (optional) to event place. All the songs, that will be singed or screams will be transmitted to stadium. If more people will join, than loader sound will become. Video is optional - so than operator of "sport game conference call"; will be able to chose those fans, what to present to stadium on cube or in some other extra screens, so the players and other fans might surprise each other and transmit support joy.

Challenge category:
Sport and innovation, Sports infrastructure and equipment
Sport: For any sport and other events, where fans are usually present and will be not able to join or limited option to join.
Idea type: New idea
Team: I do not have a team
Teammate skills needed: Business; Design; Tech; Field expert
Author of the idea: Viktors
Idea code: idsph20lv10
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