Idea name: JoinMe
Currently, several sports clubs and coaches are experiencing difficult times, the number of clients has decreased and it is not clear whether and when it will recover. Some clients are very cautious and choose to stay at home more often than going to the gym in the Covid-19 situation to avoid unnecessary contact with other people. It has been observed that some feel discomfort due to the fact that it is unclear with all of the announcements and changes whether the gym can be visited at certain times due to the new restrictions on the maximum number of people. As a result, many people simply stay at home because they just don't want to wait in a long line to get in the gym and play sports.

The opposite situation often ends up in amateur sports, when there is a lack of people in self-organized training to have a game running. Representatives of various team sports will agree, sometimes even the presence of only one additional person allows the training process to take place at a completely different level.

As summer approaches, and the hopes that the restrictions will be eased, sports enthusiasts will be more active outdoors, but when you're alone or with a friend, there may not be a clear answer as to which local square/park to go to when you feel ready to go out and exercise.

A website/app accessible to everybody (coach, athlete, amateur sports) and sports clubs can announce their availability and planned activities. It is a great opportunity for sports clubs to report on the current situation in the club, e.g., once every 30 minutes updating information on sport hall vacancies / possible waiting times, as well as on upcoming group sessions and how many seats are left.

With the help of this platform, coaches could organize group training outdoors or Online, indicating the estimated time, place, or even Zoom link, as well as report free time slots for private lessons.

For professional sports athletes, this platform will serve as a help to organize meetings or joint training with fans. On the other hand, those who, e.g., have a shortage of participants for the basketball training (or any other sports) in the evening, will be able to leave a statement that x number of people have the opportunity to apply at a specific place and time, indicating all the necessary additional information. For those sports friends who want to challenge others, this will also be a great place to find like-minded people. This website can also create internal competition among friends, as data about the previous activities of each profile and the places where he has played sports will be stored as the application develops.

Anyone who will want to use this website will need to create a user profile. By making all kinds of sports activities and training easy to find, there is less chance that someone who wants to play sports will have to stay at home.

Challenge category: Let's overcome the crisis together!
Type of sports: interdisciplinary application
Type of an idea: NEW idea
Team status: Looking for teammates
Teammate skills needed: Design; Tech
Idea author: Jānis
Idea code: idsph20lv2
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