Idea name: Sports food 24/7
Athletes need to get the energy while exercising or after the workout. In order for them to do it, a new energy dose should be taken immediately after exercising, which would be provided at multiple strategic sports locations.

Sports food 24/7 stations will provide the access to water, energy (protein) bars and other healthy goodies. The Sports food 24/7 stations will be able to provide both warm and cold temperature products which will be maintained using earth and solar energy.

There are sport and leisure enthusiasts looking for an IT specialist and engineer who could help us to build a prototype for a Sports food 24/7 station. It is certainly an opportunity to improve the results and overall performance of every athlete. Our solution will provide its service 24/7 and it will increase a quality of sports.

Challenge category:
Sports innovation
Sport: Universal solution
Idea type: New idea
Team: I have a team, but we are open to new team members
Teammate skills needed: Business; Tech
Author of the idea: Sintija
Idea code: idsph20lv22
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