Idea name: Playminton
There are many software solutions that allow organizing regular tournaments and managing court booking for individual sports (this idea comes from racket sports). But there are quite a few aspects, that have no really effective tools developed:

* Decentralized competition / challenge organization
* Support for emerging game scoring and playing formats

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A mobile-first platform, that would allow:
* sports organizers to communicate and organize sports activities
* any player to become a micro-organizer, to set-up games, micro-tournaments for a small group
* support for emerging match formats

Challenge category: Sports innovation; Sports data and analytics
Sport: Racket sports (tennis, table tennis, badminton, squash, paddel, AirBadminton), but these concepts can be easily expanded to any individual sports game.
Idea type: New idea
Team: We are open to new members
Teammate skills needed:I have a team, but we are open to new team members
Author of the idea: Kristaps
Idea code: idsph20lv25
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