Idea name: Sports management platform
As we know, not all families have high incomes and many of them these incomes have decease as a result of COVID-19. However, children's dreams are greater than material values, but in reality a child needs equipment to be able to play sports and this is where dreams can come to the end. A little support is needed for the child to be able to play sports, and the wealthiest may be able to support the poorest by providing them with the means, inventory or equipment to enable the athlete to develop their talents regardless of their financial situation.

A sports platform where it is possible to support poor families with financial or material support for the development of young athletes. On this platform, support applicants can create their own profile and indicate the resources they need to purchase in order for their child to continue or start playing sports. It is a great opportunity to connect persons who can help with those who need a help making great things and dreams come true.

Challenge category: Sports innovation
Sport: Universal solution
Idea type: New idea
Team: I have a team, but we are open to new team members
Teammate skills needed: Design; Tech
Author of the idea: Inguss
Idea code: idsph20lv26
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