Idea name: New idea of sports app
Sports app would be a newest way to do sports. The app would connect people real life with virtual life, when gaming and real life activities become as one.

Apps idea is to attract more people in sports or doing some activities in their everyday. People could download app on their phone, the app would track their activities and that is when the app is getting interesting, in the app you would have like a character, which because of you activities would get higher levels.

If you are not doing sports for some reason, then level of character would decrease. This app could use regular people who has not motivation, and also athletes for analysing their activities data. This app could change peoples motivation. And it would be a life changing thing for lots of people. And I truly believe this app would be downloaded so many times, and would be popular in very different age categories.

Challenge Category: Sports and Innovation, Sports Data
Sport: Interdisciplinary application
Idea type: Work in progress idea
Team: I want to create a new team
Preferred team member skills: Business; Design; Tech; Field expert
The author of the idea: Kārlis
Idea code: idsph20lv7
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