Flashback to 2020 GameHack
GameHack 2020 In Ventspils Hackathon, within 48 hours, 10 new video game ideas were created in two categories - 6 projects participated in the New Game category, while in the Game Development category, 4 teams continued work on ongoing but not yet published games.
In this hackathon on new ideas together will work ...
What's the purpose of GameHack 2020 Ventspils Hackathon?
The aim of this hackathon is to create new, innovative video game ideas within 48 hours, to assess their business potential and to create interdisciplinary teams capable of bringing these games to the market.
What You can do at this hackathon?
Meet new people, learn and share your knowledge. Create your dream team or join one!
Brainstorm, create, test! You will have two days and two nights to work on your idea and present it to jury.
Think outside the box, think in the box or invent new one! We believe you have brilliant ideas how to change this world!
Besides new friends and positive emotions, every team will have a chance to win fantastic prizes from our partners.
Challenges of Hackathon
Challenge no. 1 - New game
Got a new game idea with an exciting story? Come and impress us with both the game design and the technical execution! Teams that create new games under this hackathon will have the opportunity to compete for a prize pool of € 1,500.
Challenge 2 - Game Improvement
Already have a game you want to improve within Hackathon? Come with your team and in this hackathon you will have the opportunity to improve your existing game, get the advice of knowledgeable technical and business mentors, and fight for the opportunity to go to Digital Dragons 2020, a leading game industry event in Europe. Only unpublished games can enter the challenge.
4500 EUR
To develop your idea further and fulfill your dream!
Mentors and experts
You will be able to get support and advice to make the outcome even better!
  • Jānis Skuja
    Member of the Board of the Latvian Association of Game Developers, Mentor and Jury member, LinkedIn
  • Kristaps Skutelis
    Public Relations Manager, TesDevLab, Jury member, LinkedIn
  • Natālija Gurjanova
    VHTP, Head of Development and Marketing Department, Baltic Game Industry" Project Manager, Jury member
  • Gunita Kulikovsky
    Founder & CEO, Vividly, Mentor, LinkedIn
  • Dr.sc.comp. Vairis Caune
    Dean of the IT Faculty, Ventspils Augstskola, Mentor, LinkedIn
  • André Nitzschmann
    K-i-E DecisionMaking expert, Vidzemes Augstskola, Mentor, LinkedIn
  • Kristofers Legeckis
    Game developer and animator, Mentor, Twitter
  • Kārlis Skuja
    CEO of WindHackers and Botwiser, GameHack 2020 in Ventspils host and mentor, LinkedIn
  • Artis Cicens
    Business innovation consultant, Dataline Latvija, Mentor, LinkedIn
The event is being implemented in the framework of the project "Baltic Game Development Industry - Strengthening Regional Development" (BGI).
Is the event free?
Yes, this is a free event. We will provide you with food, a venue and great mentors and experts. Thanks to your partners, you have the opportunity to win valuable prizes.
Who can participate?
We invite motivated people with new gaming ideas, as well as programmers, designers and marketing experts. You must be at least 18 years old.
Where will this event take place?
Ventspils Augstskolas, Inženieru iela 101, Ventspils, LV-3601, Google map
How to get to the venue?
There will be a free transfer for participants of the event - 06/03 from Riga to Ventspils (15:00) and 08/03 from Ventspils to Riga (20:00) - seats are limited! Of course, you can arrive by car or public transport. There is free parking at Ventspils University College.
What do I need to bring with me?
It is important to bring your own hardware, chargers for your computer and phone, and also a sleeping bag and mattress! If you want to stay at a hotel, you have to book the hotel and pay for it yourself. It is possible to stay overnight in Ventspils University Service Hotel (the same building where the event will take place) or at any other Ventspils accommodation.
Do I need to be able to code?
Persons with any level of IT skills can participate, but understanding IT fundamentals and knowledge in game development is a plus.
Can I present and work on an existing game?
There are two challenges at this hackathon: New game - new games, created during hackathon, will compete for a cash prize pool of € 1500. Game improvement - work on existing games or prototypes of games that will fight for the opportunity to go to Digital Dragons 2020, a leading game industry event in Europe. Games that have already been published and are commercially available to end users are not eligible for this challenge. Maximum number of participants per team: 5
Can participants only come from Latvia?
Participants from abroad may also participate in GameHack 2020 Ventspils, but the team must include at least one member from Latvia. Basic communication will be in Latvian and, if necessary, English.
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